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Manufacturers of Keys to the City,  Lapel Pins, Coins & Cufflinks

We have been in business over twenty-five (25) years now, making some of the most beautiful ceremonial and promotional Lapel Pins, with Extraordinarily definition, beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established, with a vast array of bright long lasting colors, a true extraordinary beautiful pin at a wonderful low costs. The world's most beautiful coins Many millions of coins have been minted throughout history, and we’ve done our best to come up with some of the most beautiful and intriguing ones, promotional, religious, or ceremonial, with beautiful colors and great art. Note that the “heads” side of a coin is called the “obverse” while the “tails” side is called the “reverse.” Some people think that carrying a coin in their pocket is good luck, some keep them at home or in their safety deposit box as a valuable, while others carry them to the Golf Course and use them as ball markers.

We also make three different colored Keys to the City, very professional keys, gift boxed with your City Logo in the handle, and in either Antique Silver, Antique Gold, or the brilliantly Antique Bronzed. These keys are second to none, and can be presented in the gift box, on a plaque to hang on the wall with an inscription, or presented to someone with a patriotic Lanyard, and place around the recipient’s neck.

If we make your Lapel Pins, we can also make beautiful gift boxed CUFFLINKS with your Lapel Pins, at a reasonable charge, and in a limited quantity. We do business with Municipalities from Alaska to South Florida, and from Maine to the Rio Grande in Texas, and from California to Virginia, and all Cities in between.

Why don’t you join with the many States, Counties, Cities, and Towns, across America, and have us do your next promotional project, and permit us to manufacture your next order for Lapel Pins, Coins and Keys.   | 5418 Marion Avenue  | Chattanooga, Tennessee 37412
   1-888-673-1111 ( toll free) or 423-280-2881 | 423-475-5833 (Fax) | 
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