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Cloisonné Pins/Imitation Hard Enamel/Epola
A thousand year old technology of the orient. These beautiful emblems and pins are made of natural mineral substances of high stability. First the metal is struck with a very heavy die, (usually copper) and into shape. The pin is then filled with Cloisonné powder, which goes into the grooves and the indentations of the emblems of the pin. The pins are then heated to well over 800 degrees centigrade. After heating, the emblems and pins are polished and treated on the surface. The finished product can be used for mounting jewels, crystal and other stones. They are bright and shiny, and have a quality which is similar to fine jewelry. Each emblem or pin is very stable and suitable for the fastidious collector. With today's technology, the Imitation Hard Enamel and Epola pins are just as good, and cheaper. When you buy Cloisonné', you are paying for the name. 

Die Struck Soft Enamel Pins

This pin is next to the expensive cloisonné, but is cheaper. It is difficult for most people to tell the difference, unless you are one of the experts. The hard enamel pin resembles the cloisonné, not only in looks but in feel as well. These are some of the highest quality pins, you can buy for the price. We have the lowest prices you will find anywhere on this beautiful pin. It shows the bright colors, the gold lines, stripes and letters which really stand out on this pin. They are very durable and it will last for a lifetime without corroding, rusting or fading colors and quality.

Photo Etched

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These emblems or pins are made by transferring the design layout to the metal surface through a negative photographic process, like developing a film. The painting and polishing is then done, creating a very high contrast in color. You can do the most sophisticated layouts and designs with this process, getting a clear, sharp,  character and or logo. Colors can be matched to an exact pantone color. The finished item can then have epoxy adhered to the surface, making the finished product even more vivid and giving it a protective coating. This is the medium priced pin and very nice.


Screen Printed Pins (with or without epoxy)
These are probably one of the nicest pins we make. The colors are very bright and vibrant, will not fade, and difficult to scratch. If you have a logo with bright colors, this is the pin to go with, and they are one of our lower priced pins too.

Printed Pins with Epoxy

There are two kinds of printing on these emblems and pins. There is the offset, which will eventually fade with exposure to the light and there is the higher quality silk screen printing which is much more durable and long lasting. These emblems and pins are then coated with an epoxy material which offers protection from water, scratches, etc   | 5418 Marion Avenue  | Chattanooga, Tennessee 37412
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