Why should my City or Town have keys, lapel pins, or coins?

You may think keys to the city and Lapel Pins are a waste of money, or something you can’t afford for your city, village, town or borough. Well, you had better think again, they are a great investment and something you CAN’T AFFORD TO BE WITH OUT!

Keys for YOUR CITY, will open more doors than you ever dreamed of. First of all, they create good public relations between the municipality, the public and that VIP you are presenting the key. They are also great gifts to your United States Senators, your Congress person, the President, Vice President, the Governor, your State Senator and Representatives, the Highway Director and more. These keys can open doors to these offices for you to get funding or that special grant for your Municipality, because the people who receive the keys, will see it every day in their office or home. They will know who you are should you call, and that is important.

Keys are also good to give new Industry that comes to your City, or new Businesses, People who are celebrating their 25-50 or 75th wedding anniversary, (and I gave a key to someone celebrating their 75th), people who do volunteer work with the kids, the park, ball fields, museum, or maybe just raises the flag at city hall every day.

They are also good to give the troops when they return from the war. The pins are great to give visitors as a souvenir of your municipality. They are great to trade with other Cities at Conferences each year, or give to students when they visit City Hall from the local Schools.


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